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Posted on 08-02-2017

Effects of Heavy Lifting on Your Spine

Engaging in sports activities or lifting heavy objects for your work impacts your back and spine. By understanding the impact of heavy lifting, you reduce the risks by working with a chiropractor for sports injuries in Fargo ND. Dr. Marc Vein understands the risks to your health and offers solutions to improve your lifting technique.

Dr. Vein talking about spinal health with a patient in Fargo, ND.

Risks of Heavy Lifting

The risks to your back and spine when you lift heavy weights or objects depending on your technique. The poor lifting technique increases the risk of developing spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, muscle injuries and other spinal injuries. Along with injuries to your back and spine, you may also cause injuries to other areas of your body with improper lifting technique.

A key part of limiting the risk of developing a herniated disc or spinal stenosis while lifting for a sport is working with a chiropractor for sports injuries in Fargo ND. At our clinic, we teach proper technique and ensure that you understand different ways to limit your risk of injury during an exercise program or as part of the heavy lifting for a sport.

Things to Avoid While Lifting Heavy Weights

By understanding the things to avoid while lifting heavy weights, you reduce the risk of severe injuries to your spine and back. You want to take measures to avoid accidents or injuries by using the proper techniques and posture when you lift.

When lifting a heavy object or weights, always keep your head forward and bend at the hips rather than the lower back. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Keep your body weight centered and stay close together while lifting with your legs. Always lead with your hips rather than your shoulders to avoid accidentally lifting with your back rather than your legs.

When you are unsure about your posture while lifting, a chiropractor in our clinic offers the information you need to make changes to your technique. We also evaluate your current spine health and may suggest adjustments to your technique and lifting to avoid injuries and accidents.

Contact Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation for More Information Today!

A healthy body starts with using the proper technique to lift heavy objects or weights. When you understand the potential risks to your back and work with a chiropractor to adjust your technique, you limit the possibility of severe injuries. To learn more about our back pain treatments, contact us at 701-232-4770 today.

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